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The Case based Discussion (CbD) is a structured interview designed to assess your professional judgement in clinical cases.

exam and a great improvement on the previous video assessment: I think it intuitively  Familiarise yourself with the RCGP's webpage for training http://www.rcgp.org.uk/gp-training-and-exams.aspx. The following is a quick guide to some of the  Case-based Discussion (CbD) is a structured interview between your assessor and the GP trainee. The purpose of the CbD is to assess your professional  CSAPREP • mrcgp • consultation observation tool • COT • London COTs, or consultation observation tools, are utilised by the RCGP to assess your either direct observation of your consultation by sitting in with you or via a video recording. RCGP: MRCGP Clinical Skills Assessment: Introduction to the cases in the CSA Mini-CEX, DOPS and CbD gives you an opportunity to spend time with senior Set yourself goals for video consultations so that you have to do them.

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Aug 17, 2010 Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available. Click here Case-based Discussion (CBD) 2 - Example. sgulcso.

Rcgp cbd video

A practical guide to case based discussion (CbD)

Rcgp cbd video

28th June 2016 5th November 2014 - Joint RCGP-COGPED guidance on CSA preparation October 2014 18th September 2013 - What CSA Candidates can expect at the RCGP - Video. 1st July  She is the chair of the Royal College of General Practitioners' (RCGP) Sex, Drugs and HIV Task Group. Having been on the steering group of Substance Misuse  It can also be done with consultations that you have recorded on video.

Enter your RCGP registered email and password in the login box below. mini-CEX - Bradford VTS Bradford VTS Online Resources MRCGP & GP Training Mini-CEX DOWNLOADS QUICK-LINKS WEBLINKS RCGP mini-CEX pages Clinical Examination videos Clinical Procedures videos Calgary Cambridge Model of consulting videos If you have files you would like me to host on here and share with others, please email them to me. rameshmehay@googlemail.co.uk What is a mini-CEX?

Rcgp cbd video

Trainee ePortfolio - rcgp.org.uk At the beginning of GP specialty training, after having registered with the RCGP, each trainee will be given access to the RCGP Trainee ePortfolio. The Trainee ePortfolio is accessed and updated online during the entire training programme, in both hospital and primary care posts. The Trainee ePortfolio records details of achievement in the AKT MRCGP Workplace Based Assessment (WPBA) - rcgp.org.uk Workplace Based Assessment (WPBA) is one of the three components of the MRCGP exam. It provides a framework for evaluating a doctor’s progress in those areas of professional practice best tested in the workplace Dorset GP Centre | Training Resources CBD assessor self rating scale. CBD Discussion Planning Notes ES DK Jan 2014. CBD mapping grid and example 2014. CBD Question Maker for Trainers.

Retrieved from www.rcgp.org.uk/gp-training-and-exams/~/media/Files/GP  RCGP CSA Revision Case Cards: £20 (not on Amazon anymore) 6. Pennine has selection of videos which are of practice cases - some better than others. CbD for MRCGP Workplace Based Assessment - rcgp.org.uk The Case based Discussion (CbD) is a structured interview designed to assess your professional judgement in clinical cases. CbD is one of the tools used to collect evidence for your Trainee ePortfolio, as part of the Workplace Based Assessment component of the MRCGP exam RCGPPress - YouTube The RCGP is the professional membership body for family doctors in the UK and overseas.

Rcgp cbd video

If you are happy with this please click 'Ok'. If you are unhappy with this click 'No thanks' to opt-out. Trainee ePortfolio The RCGP is delighted to announce that we have partnered with FourteenFish to bring you a brand new portfolio in 2020. • Watch our video explaining the features of the new Trainee Portfolio. • Visit the RCGP website for more information. Security warning – TLS information CBD - Bradford VTS Bradford VTS Online Resources MRCGP & GP Training Case Based Discussions (CBDs) DOWNLOADS QUICK-LINKS CBD template for trainees CBD mapping sheet for your ES meetings CBD question maker for trainers CBD question maker for hospital consultants hot tips for doing CBDs for educators competency descriptors in detail WEBLINKS CBD ideas from Damian Kenny RCGP … CBD Read More » The Consultation Observation Tool (COT) and Audio-COT - Your assessor reviews a number of your patient consultations - either video recordings or by direct observation. You’ll use the resulting discussion and feedback as evidence for your Trainee ePortfolio.

Case Based Discussion - What is it? Case-based discussion (CbD) is a structured interview designed to explore professional judgement exercised in clinical cases which have been selected by the GPST and presented for evaluation. Evidence collected through CBD will support the judgements made about the GPST at the six RCGP Series 2 August - 4 August Round 5 and 6: Asti, Italy. DONE. 11 October - 13 October Round 7 and 8: CA, USA. DONE. Previous Race COT - Bradford VTS During that surgery, make sure you just switch the video camera on. Your practice will have provided you with one.

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CBT Cognitive During their training, the trainees are required to video record a number of RCGP video workbook website:. an assessment form covering areas such as Case-based Discussion (CbD), Assessment of creating a series of video vignettes to address areas of good and poor RCGP Workplace Based Assessment (WPBA) Standards Group How to  Apr 29, 2014 Hopefully you won't need to resit but if you do the Deanery / RCGP advise Consultation Observation Tool (COT) for use in primary care only you have used portable data storage (e.g. an iPad, Video recording stick, etc.).